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Jay T. Jax is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Press, Inc. A Houston, Texas commercial printing company he founded in 1980. “I do commercial graphic art for a living, but my passion is sculpture” Jay studied fine art and art history from an early age spending many weekends as a boy drawing the masters in the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York where there is a larger-than-life size “Mother and Child” wood sculpture by Henry Moore. That is where his love of sculpture was born.

After his military service in the US Army, he returned to the United States and eventually settled in Houston where he put away his art and built his commercial printing business. Now, after thirty five plus years of printing two dimensional graphic work on paper, Jay is back at work doing the three dimensional sculpture that he loves. “I like to see the work from all sides, walk around it, touch it; you can’t do that with a painting. “I still get in trouble for touching the sculpture in Museums”.

Showing his art at the Grand Opening of the new Jomar Visions Gallery and then again at the 2015 Art Crawl, and finally at the 2015 Art Excellence Competition, Jay won First Place for his wood and glass entry titled “Visionary”. Two of Jay’s sculptures were chosen for the Modern Architecture and Design Society’s (MA+DS) Houston Home Tour. 2016.