Studio #305 – Ludmila Ivanova Jewelry

Ludmila Ivanova | (713) 524-7854

Born in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, I project in my designs the traditional art of the region. Arrived in Houston 1990 and start working with galleries the same year. In 1993 opened my own gallery on Colquite, taking the place of Nancy and Oliver Goldesberry first spot. 1996 to 2003 worked as a independent designer, and 2003 opened Bijou Galerie & Studio on Montrose. After 9 years of working with Houstonians and guests I moved my location in west University, creating a jewelry store with another jeweler. This continue until 2015 when my first love of art lead me to the great Silver Street Studios. I discovered great community of artist and people who appreciate art. Can not be happier and more comfortable working on this environment.

Started my career as a jewelry designer because I never found the jewelry I like and I made it a life time goal to make this for you, my clients too. Visit Studio #305 Ludmila Ivanova Jewelry.