Studio #115 – Nataliya Scheib

My background in architecture and civil engineering along with my life experiences influences and reflects in my work. I am conscious of the fact that it affects my style and often I allow myself to use this knowledge to my advantage, most visible when I depict interiors and exteriors of the buildings or perspective in my oil paintings. Other times I am deliberately trying to disregard this knowledge and either I create complete abstract or figurative works.

I approach each artwork differently.  Depending on the subject matter, I usually plan in advance on the composition, material, method and techniques for each work and I love to try new ideas. I frequently mix contemporary painting techniques with classical methods in my paintings and often experiment with new and innovative materials and concepts in my collages.

Recently I began to mix my art knowledge and engineering background in different styles of my collage works. Every so often I just use the colors of existing images to create my collages.  Other times I add paints or other materials to enhance my collage works. In every instance my hand is visible in all my art.

My work has been included in a number of National and International Art exhibitions in the US and recently in Romania. Some of the places I exhibited in the US are: Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas; North Gallery Department of Art and Design of San Jacinta College in Houston, Texas; Fine Art Museum in Gadsden, Alabama; Nicolet Gallery, Nicolet College, Wisconsin, Gallery Underground in Arlington, Virginia, among others galleries in Texas, California, Minnesota, and North Carolina.

I have received several awards for my oil paintings. My work was included in Artist Portfolio Magazine and also was selected among 79 artists of the United States for 2014 collection of Art Buzz publication, The 2014 Collection Volume 7.


# 115