Studio #120 – Justin Garcia

Native Houstonian Justin Garcia learned as a young boy that he would succeed in life with a combination of self-reliance and an insatiable curiosity about the world, and his place in it. Throughout his early years, Justin pursued an assortment of entrepreneurial endeavors that allowed him to amass the resources he needed to pursue his passion for art.

Garcia attended the Bauer Business School at the University of Houston, and received a solid foundation of practical knowledge. But his true purpose relentlessly beckoned, and he renewed his commitment to painting. In a small tin storage unit on the edge of town, he painted morning ‘til night, by sunlight and flashlight, and discovered his artistic style

After producing and showing his first series, Garcia was encouraged by the warm reception he received from the art community, and moved his studio to the historic Warehouse District in the heart of Downtown Houston. He continued developing his unique process, and the evolution of his works began to gather greater recognition among collectors and art appreciators in Houston and across the country

Garcia believes that art is a vehicle for global transformation, and often donates his art, and his time, to charities such as The Houston Ballet, Bering Omega, The Arthritis Foundation, Artists for Haiti, San Jose Clinic and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Garcia created an art program for the National Juvenile Arthritis Conference, where he worked with more than 75 teenagers during a two-day period. His program allowed children affected by juvenile arthritis to explore the importance of art, showing them how to engage in the process of discovery through various artistic styles, such as abstract expressionism. The children accepted the challenge of creating their own abstract work, and their individual pieces were assembled to create an inspiring framed collage, which Garcia donated to Texas Children’s Hospital, now appropriately displayed in the Pediatric Rheumatology Department. Garcia also regularly donates his time to NewSpring Center, where he teaches middle and high school students the business of art.

Garcia’s works have been installed in a wide range of prominent spaces: River Oaks Bank, Chevron Corporation, Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, St. Luke’s Hospital at The Vintage in Houston, The Westin Houston/Memorial City, and the Mayor’s Conference Room at Houston City Hall. Garcia has appeared on Fox 26 News, Telemundo and Latismo. He and his work have been featured in 002, Gloss, Absolutely in the Loop, Paper City Magazine, Downtown Magazine, HGTV’s Design Happens, Texas Home & Living, Houston Design Resources and Houston Press, as well as Houston Modern Luxury Magazine’s Annual Art Edition, Houston Chronicle and CultureMap.

Garcia has been represented for several years at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Houston Fine Art Fair and the Dallas Fine Art Fair, and his work has been selected by jury for the Annual Visual Arts Alliance exhibit. Garcia was chosen in 2013 as one of the top “100 Creatives of Houston” by the Houston Press, and was chosen by the Houston Press Editorial Board as the 2013 Artist of the Year. In 2014, Garcia was named one of Houston’s Top 10 Painters for 2014 by the Houston Press Editorial staff.



Art is an expression of the mind’s endless creativity, a doorway to everything in which humans are engaged. My work is the continual study of a simple question: why? Through art, I strive to capture emotion with color, shape and form, to study mankind’s intricate connectivity with life, and understand the experiences that define our character. With this purpose in mind, my art becomes a means of translating human connection. I like to observe viewers as they interpret the artwork, and explore their thoughts by getting in touch with their emotions. At that moment, the art becomes a conduit for everything the viewer cannot adequately describe in words. Art is meant to transform, and that transformation will always be a different experience for every person. Ultimately, art exists to make us feel our lives.