Studio #315 – Janavi Folmsbee

Studio #: 315


Janavi Folmsbee is fascinated with creating imagery and ‘characters’ from the marine life she sees on her many scuba diving adventures. She formulates spaces through visual representation and unreal abstraction. After moving over continents, countries and cities the hunt for finding ones own space in this world has been a challenge that pushed Janavi to look at an element that connects us all. Water, the ocean, she creates characters from fish she sees while diving all over the world and puts them into visual spaces that are unreal.

With space and through the colorful imagery inspired by the fish and other worldly beings that she sees, she creates a visual platform for the viewer to be interjected in.

We live in a world where we have globally grown to accept different identities and cultures; Janavi’s work is meant to create a visual space that can be universally understood. Her intention is to create spaces that can belong anywhere.