Studio #214 – Gretchen Sparks

With my feet firmly grounded in the earth sciences I am exploring the relationships between science and art.  As I research scientific concepts and observe the natural processes found in our world I am always thinking of how I can interpret those concepts and processes through art.  Not necessarily as an illustration; but as an abstract art piece that is influenced by the concept/process. My goal is to transport the observer into another reality in order to articulate these concepts and processes that exist in our world. Abstraction comes from a desire to convey both the truth and the emotion the subject gives in me.  My goal is to show the seen and the unseen – the reality and what lies beyond the reality.


As science and technology seep further into our society it is important for my art to illustrate both the scientific fundamentals and my response to them.  Society has been conditioned to approach technology through the scientific method:  Question. Research. Hypothesis. Test Hypothesis.  Analyze Data and Draw a Conclusion.  Communicate Your Results.


I want to: Feel science. Experience it. Draw my conclusion. Communicate through my art.


I work on projects that have a common subject, theme or emotion.  These projects consist of a collection of works using a broad range of media.  I am constantly researching my projects, combining my own experiences, the experiences of others and reading texts about the subject.  I like to use a variety of colors and textures in my work.  The medium I choose for any particular piece is the one that I feel will best convey my message.  This includes works on paper, painting, collage, 3-D or a combination of many things!  I let the subject matter dictate the medium I use.


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